Image proposals for two electronic billboards, vertical and horizontal, Elizabeth and Flinders St. Melbourne.



With the advertising billboard scale in mind and using the visual language of the pictogram, this work references the ubiquity of technology in the urban space, music, noise, graffiti, typography, social media, sound, vision, signs, symbols and social history. 


My pictograms, although didactic, have a message that is more abstract allowing an open interpretation by the viewer. A possible reading could be they celebrate the wonders of the technological age, but like all eras they have their dark side.


We seem to be right in the middle of this technological era unfolding since the industrial age, and these banners are a creative response to this complexity. 

Site location, corner Elizabeth and Flinders St. Melbourne

'Irrational Equation' vertical and horizontal

Music makes the peolle come together

'The Light' vertical and horizontal

'Music Makes the People Come Together' vertical and horizontal