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Still Life: Janus

Price On Request

Photo composite to Janus. In Roman mythology, Janus was the god of doors, gates, and transitions. ... According to Roman mythology, Janus was present at the beginning of the world. Janus guarded the gates of heaven and held access to heaven and other gods. Janus also is the symbol of duality; old and young in looking forward and looking back.

Information on prices and editions on request. Please get in contact per eMail:

Limited edition prints are available in the following sizes:

12 x 17cm- Edition of 3 +1 AP

17 x 24cm - Edition of 3 +1 AP

60 x 80cm - Edition of 3 +1 AP

Only the above mentioned number of prints are ever produced of each image after which no further copies will be made available.


Each print is hand signed and provided with a authentication documents.

Custom frames can be provided on request.

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