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2012 I revolution No9 for malevich I video I 5.44mins 

Revolution No9 for Malevich is a sound and vision collage of the Beatles sound work Revolution No 9 from the White Album of 1968 and Kasimer Malevich's painting, Black Cross of 1915.

Both revolutionalry moments in the history of art. One at the Minimal/Conceptual art axis of the late 60s, the other, a cultural ziegeist caused by the Russian Workers  Revolution of 1917 expressed in the art of Malevich's non objective asthetics. An asthetics of state censored religious iconography by the communist order, a new iconographic and secular order, Suprematistism.

This piece combines  soundovers from The Beatles, Steve Reich, Terry Riely, Talking Heads, and Gui Boratto.  Thanks to contributors moving images allowed in the creative commons for repurposing.

2013 I automachine I video I 9.24 mins 

This movement piece is a refection on machine modernism and the avant gardes of the early 20th C.

AutoMachine is a contemplative 10 minute sound and vision piece, slow building  to an intense cresendo and layered sound world in a collage of slides to video.

Thanks to artists , Ad Reinhardt, Kasimer Malevich, Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Kurt Schwitters, Soda Jerk, Robert Fripp, Laurie Anderson. Thanks to contributors in the creative commons for repurposing images.

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